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About me

I'm a 17 years old italian guy who likes to develop web apps and write code in general. I currently attend an IT school where I'm studying C, Assembly, C++, Java, HTML and JavaScript. I've also learnt other languages by myself, such as Python (which is my favourite programming language, by the way), MySQL, a bit of PHP and a little of C#. I also know general electronics stuff and how to use Arduino. I had experiences in game development in the past, the game engine I've used the most is GameMaker: Studio 1.x, but I've stopped making games years ago.

My biggest project so far is Ripple, a fully-featured osu! private server counting almost 20000 registered users and users online right now. Speaking about games, I like playing osu! and Overwatch, but my favourite game is Skyrim. I had some experiences with the Skyrim Creation Kit in the past too, with some personal projects that I never published. If you want to contact me, for whatever reason, don't be shy! You can find my contacts below.

My stuff

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